BORN / 1981


ABOUT / Allie Olson is a mixed media artist whose creative practice began in mail art over a decade ago. Combining found materials, wood, geometric patterns and lost or forgotten images, she creates layered work that both comforts and challenges our perspective on the imperfections of humanity. She believes hope and healing can be born from pain and despair and is largely inspired by childhood and the stories of those struggling to have their voices heard. Allie actively participates in group and solo exhibitions in New York and other cities across the US.  She founded the mail art project XOAOart and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

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Artist Statement

   The natural beauty of imperfection is a central theme in my work. I create art that celebrates vulnerability and uncertainty while exploring pain, healing, and acceptance. My goal is to explore the transience of moments where feelings and memories are being covered, then ripped away and exposed, similar to how time and the elements change the facade of a building. Some pieces are carefully planned out, each step predetermined and other pieces are created entirely through process, their message being unveiled while the piece is constructed. Working in multiple styles is a way for me to express the multifaceted world we live in.

     Much of my time is spent thinking about perspective, which is why I am drawn to wordplay and building multi-dimensional works. It is a natural result of wanting to interpret the world in the way we view it. I use paper, paint, sandpaper, saws, drills, water and heat to construct and deconstruct layers. Creating texture and incorporating text is central to my work and I like to add an element of whimsy and surprise whenever possible. The transparent materials represent authenticity and the belief that even though we all carry sorrow and pain, light and hope can shine through the darkness, especially if we share it with each other.