BORN / 1978


ABOUT / Jay Riggio was born in Long Island, New York in 1978. A self-taught visual artist, he was strongly influenced by his studies at Hofstra University, where he received a BA in Film and Creative Writing in 2000. In addition to showing work in galleries around the world, he has done commercial work for brands like Gather Journal, T Magazine, Cake Wines, Alice McCall and more. Jay lives and works in Brooklyn.

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Artist Statement

Jay Riggio created his first collage over 15 years ago. His inspiration came from the overwhelming desire to tell a visual story without the classic ability to illustrate. Drawing on influences from a background in writing and film cinematography, Jay uses images from magazines and books to create imagery that explores his interpretations on life, love, humanity, humor and dreams. Using an X-acto knife, scissors, and glue, Jay’s pieces bring together images that create a world of unique visual perspectives. His collages have been featured in galleries around the world.