BORN / 1978


ABOUT / Jon Legere is a Bermudian mixed media artist who works with video, paint, collage, photography, performance and sculpture. His collaborative video installation “TURNS” with mentor Margot Lovejoy was part of the 2002 Whitney Biennial in New York City. Since then he has shown in numerous galleries globally. German publisher Gestalten recently featured his painted collages in the 2013 book “The Age Of Collage”.

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Artist Statement

Jon Legere's recent work focuses around found materials, frenetic paper cuts and painterly application. A form of urban recycling the work is a commentary on our oversaturated media diets.

These paper and paint collages mix geometric shapes of bold color and dissected imagery. He cuts away all distractions of recognizable imagery from the selected images. Just the outline of shapes and texture from the contours of deconstruction remain.

The source materials come from banal publications found at local retail stores, coffee shops and newspaper stands. In an age where everyone is a digital image his collages are assemblages of the now and current.