BORN / 1987



Jessie Laura is an art director and mixed media artist. Born in Lima, Perú. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design. Laura moved to New York and now works as a freelance designer, and artist. She creates analog collages, which she has recently began exhibiting throughout NYC. She became a member of the Brooklyn Collage Collective in 2017.

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Justin Aversano is an artist and curator working within the New York art scene. He has organized a number of shows in New York City, as well as public art exhibitions around the country. Justin is also the owner and operator of Brooklyn Lightroom, a photo finishing, consulting, and scanning studio located in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Additionally, Justin is the founder of Artists Trading Art, and the co-founder and creative director ofSaveArtSpace, a nonprofit dedicated to bringing community art to public spaces. A humanist and a social entrepreneur, Justin connects his art with the world around him through capturing moments, faces, and communities that surround him, bringing them together through the lens of his camera.


For this series I explored techniques of free association and layering through collage and illustration. To redefine the composition of a frame and to expand the conventions of what constitutes painting, this project was conceived to challenge my daily expectations of the act of creation.