BORN / 1988


ABOUT / Linzi is a multimedia artist living and making work in Brooklyn, NY. Picking up video and photography at an early age, she fell in love with looking out and looking in, digesting what she saw through the lens and capturing moments as they came and went. Since receiving a degree in Photography & Imaging at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Linzi has held several positions in photo editing and archiving. This has allowed her to hold a deeper appreciation and understanding for the imagery in our lives and has been a continual influence on her work. She lives with her head in the clouds and her feet on the ground.

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Artist Statement

As a collage artist, I seek to explore some sense of time travel. Working typically with magazines and books from decades ago, I sift through pages pulling anything that calls out to me- images of longing, comfort, beauty, sex. Then I cut and cut until piles of parts amass and I begin to let them speak to me. As I start to piece things together, I take time to paint black backgrounds which act as portals for the pieces, allowing me to match past to present. Utilizing imagery of yesterday, I create a dialogue with some of my modern struggles; a desire for instant nostalgia, idealized memories, and artificial realities - being a woman in the world -- questions of identity -- existential thought. With each piece pasted, the old becomes the new. It is less about specific ideas and more a layering of emotions, an expressionist take on the medium.