BORN / 1979


ABOUT / Michael DeSutter was born on a farm in Attica, Indiana in 1979. He holds a Bachelor of Arts, in Art Studies with a concentration in Photography, from Purdue University. In 2003 DeSutter moved to New York and now works as a freelance designer, and artist. He creates analog collages, which he has recently began exhibiting throughout NYC. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

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Artist Statement

My collage work is a result of an effort to understand the world of my grandfather. The tactile process of analog collage allows me to intimately explore another place and time. I deconstruct imagery from the past, much as a mechanic disassembles an engine, to understand how it functions. By reassembling these pieces in new ways, I make the world of my grandfather my own, a new visual world, one that exists between his past and my present.