BORN / 1983


ABOUT / Richard Vergez is a Cuban-American visual artist. He was born in Philadelphia, PA and currently works and resides in Brooklyn, NY. His background in graphic design and audio/visual collaboration is reflected though his hand-made collaged works on paper and mixed media. Imagery which combines both human and technological elements relates to ideas surrounding an ever-evolving modern identity. His work has been featured in group shows at No Romance Galleries, Schema Projects, and Armature Art Space in NYC, as well as Chicago Urban Arts Society and Kids of Dada in London. He has been published digitally in various blogs and international publications such as PluzUltra in Argentina, Mekanik Copulaire from France, Upper Playground and Stylesight in the US. His work is published this winter in a new book by Barcelona-based publishing house Index Book, called MIXOLOGY.

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Artist Statement

I’m interested in the absence of color and the space between sounds. Objectively, the emotions of fear, humor, confusion, and nostalgia impact my work. Each of these emotions can be illustrated by the idea of some­thing missing through as little design as possible.

Abstract structures, negative space, found objects, and geometrical figures are prominent in my graphic design, collage, and sound work. I allow the source material to guide the piece. I like to research and improvise, then enjoy the unpredictability of the finished work. My use of antiquated and ephemeral materials aims to recall a childhood dream state and a bygone post-punk MTV era. Abstractly, I explore the way shapes interact with each other, and how they interact with the empty space around them.

Concerned with personal entertainment, I seek to create something with my ideal vision so that I can enjoy experiencing it. And if others like it too, then great. I’m not trying to save the world. I’d like to think I can help others discover new ways to view visual work and absorb sound in the form of music.

For the future, I plan to expand the possibilities of collage beyond the 2d surface towards installation, video, and performance.