Brooklyn, New York β€” Brooklyn Collage Collective (BCC) is an online gallery that supports ground breaking collage art from visual artists around the word.

 Brooklyn Collage Collective was founded in 2013 by Morgan Jesse Lappin and has acted as a beacon to collage artists both within Brooklyn and internationally. Since it’s inception, the collective has gone through many changes, finally hitting its peak now in 2019. BCC breaks boundaries of what collage is, can be, and seeks to inspire those along the way. The mission of the collective is to bring attention and credibility to an otherwise under-recognized medium, elevating the art forms limitless ability to create a dialogue through assemblage and to build a strong community of collage artists.

After evolving over the years, and now in September 2019 the BCC has taken on a new entity and will now focus on interviewing ground breaking analog collage artists from all over the world under the title DEEP CUTS.



Fuck Love, Brooklyn Collage Collective HQ, Brooklyn, NY


Bushwick Open Studios, Brooklyn Collage Collective HQ, Brooklyn, NY


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Brooklyn Collage Collective, Bushwick Open Studios, Brooklyn, NY

Cut & Paste, Sugarlift, Brooklyn, NY


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Lorem Ipsum, Schema Projects, Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn Collage Collective: Episode 2, Armature Artspace, Brooklyn, NY

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