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joseph Karwacki

lives and works in Queens, NY

Joseph Karwacki b. 1985 makes drawings that come directly from his experience of living in Queens. His graphic design studies at New York City College of Technology fueled his interest in a visual dialogue about function and characteristics in relation to place.

Monsters, neither good nor evil, command a higher purpose in this world by creating elaborate and beautiful explanations for the relationships humans have with nature, themselves, and others. They have always served this purpose, as is evident from the earliest cave paintings to the latest popular media. Their conception and individuality, from the Yokai of Japan to the monsters of Greek Mythology, are the products of the cultures and environments they then function to serve. Karwacki’s bestiary questions both the cultural importance and role within the human psyche that these monsters play.

His work has been showcased in numerous group exhibitions as well as a solo exhibition in the New York City area.

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