Morgan Lappin photographed by Hannah Bryan, 2012

Morgan Lappin photographed by Hannah Bryan, 2012


lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

Morgan Jesse Lappin b. 1979 is a visual artist, entertainer, musician and image-maker. Lappin first started creating collage art in 2007 for a clothing company creating original designs. In 2008, Lappin moved to Brooklyn and began working with paper to create contemporary collages. His art, like his mind, is a combination of comedy and chaos, with elements of music, vintage horror and sci-fi. Lappin’s work ranges from seven-foot-long cartoon metropolises, to fictional album covers, to take-out Greek diner coffee cups embedded with tiny paper worlds. He uses nostalgic material from his childhood from the 80s, such as VHS Tape boxes, video game cartridges, and any other 80's house hold items that could cause you to experience flashbacks. Having a background in collecting and curating, he set out to assemble some of his favorite collage artists from NYC, and so in 2013 the Brooklyn Collage Collective was born. The BCC has now exhibited all over the world and has a strong global presence amongst collage makers and collectors alike. 

In 2017, Lappin collaborated with The Very Warm, a parent company of Weatherproof, using Lappin’s original collages to design outerwear for men and women which sold-out with Nordstrom’s. In 2018, Lappin was chosen as a guest speaker at Kolaj Fest, a multi-day festival & symposium about contemporary collage and its role in art, culture, and society.

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I spend 90% of my art time collecting, cutting, and cataloging images and 10% of the time making the collages. I have a file system with over 100 categories and hundreds of pre cut images. Cutting, collecting, and organizing these images is has become somewhat of an OCD, a way meditation, yet somehow at the same time a source of stress because I am constantly misplacing things. All of this plays a roll when making collage. My method of madness includes my xacto knife and tape. I stick with tape because it allows a piece to continue to evolve. Get it? I stick with tape? You can also catch me doing stand up comedy in front of my building in the nude every Tuesday at 3:42PM.